Remote Access Instructions

Big Net Online offers remote access as part of their Managed Service Plan (MSP)

Request remote access:

First, you need to request remote access using this form:

Each user you request remote access for will receive an email when their account setup is ready. They will need to complete their account setup by following the instructions in the email. You MUST use your cell phone number when setting your account up, because login requires a code sent to you every time you access the site.

Prepare remote access:

On the computer you want to remote FROM (most likely your home computer or laptop), please install each of these:

  1. Ninja Agent:
    1. Ninja Agent for PC
    2. Ninja Agent for Mac
  2. Splashtop RMM
    1. Splashtop RMM for PC
    2. Splashtop RMM for Mac
  3. TeamViewer
    1. TeamViewer for PC
    2. TeamViewer for Mac
  4. Remote desktop client
    1. RDP for PC is built in, no need to install anything
    2. RDP for Mac

Use remote access:

When you are ready to login, simply go to:
You will go to this website whenever you want to remote into your computers. I suggest you bookmark it!

How to use Big Net Online remote access