MSP (Managed Service Plan):

  • $CALL FOR PRICING/computer/month includes (MUST have this installed on ALL computers):
    • Updates:  Automatically keep your Windows OS and 3rd party software up to date.
    • Remote access:  Allows you control of your computer remotely
      • Splashtop
      • TeamViewer
      • Remote Desktop
    • Hardware and software monitoring:  ie. when a hard drive is failing or filling up, etc.
    • Dynamic DNS service:
    • 1Password vault: to facilitate secure management of passwords and information
  • Consulting fee per hour (minimum of 1 hour for remote, 2 hour minimum for onsite)

Pay as you go plan:

  • Consulting fee $CALL FOR PRICING/hr (minimum of 2 hours)

Add ons:

  • Cloud Backups
  • Managed Antivirus

Travel fee:

  • Waived with more than 2 hours of work
Note:  Services offered can vary with different vendors.